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The purpose for this Center is to aim towards and assist others to reach and maintain a high level of personal health and well-being. We aim at providing and using by any available means update and highest quality information and resources, programs, products, support and/or services towards achievements and goals for personal health, well-being for ourselves and others as representatives, employees, clients or associates. We uphold to use and continue to look for the best available information and technology and/or products, and/or trained professionals, and/or modalities in order to achieve and to help others achieve personal goals and needs present and future. Our values towards obtaining and/or maintaining a healthy, long, and high quality life for ourselves and seeing the same for all others is reason for the forming of this center and incorporation of all of its resources.

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Live Blood Analysis

Lindsay Rose Turner - Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Shiatsu Bodywork
Bowen Therapy
Energetic Healing
People who meet her say Lindsay Rose is a natural healer, born to change lives. Her positive attitude and energy radiates outward and touches everyone who knows her. The decision to offer her services on a 'Give What You Can' basis to the Victoria community is a prime example of her kind and giving nature that continues to inspire others.
Over the course of her life, Lindsay Rose has lead a holistic lifestyle, embracing the endless alternative therapies available to her. Her interest in the field started at a young age, and has continue to grow as the years progressed.
She has worked with crystals and gemstones for 10 years, and has practiced Energy Healing and Balancing, including Reiki, since 2001.
After her own personal life changing experience with an Energy Healer in Ontario, Lindsay Rose knew the direction in which her life was meant to head. She moved to the West Coast of Canada and dedicated herself to Holistic Health education in order to give others the chance to bring peace and balance within their own lives.
Lindsay Rose has graduated with honours from the Windsong School of Healing in British Columbia. Her training and education include Oriental Bodywork, Shiatsu, Jin Shin Do Acupressure, Energy Medicine, Iridology, Auriculartherapy, Nutrition and Qi Gong. It is here she received her Certified Holistic Health Practitioner Diploma, amongst other certificates. Through continuing education, Lindsay Rose has become a Certified Bowen Therapist through the Bowen College Inc in Vancouver, BC.
In 2001, Lindsay Rose graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. For over 10 years, she has led a passionate career supporting people with disabilities in both Canada and Australia. Along this path, an appreciation for life and a genuine caring for others developed and flourished.
T: (250) 595 . 1985
Dani Baur - Reflexologist
Bulgarian Relaxation Massage
Anti-Cellulite Massage
Face lift / Lymphatic Drainage
Traditional Foot Relexology
Honey Detox Massage
Dani Baur was born and raised in Bulgaria, in a small town on the banks of the Danube River. She graduated from the English Language Immersion High School in her home town. As a child she dreamed to be a singer and her dream came true. She sang in various clubs and restaurants throughout Eastern Europe. Dani also worked for several international organizations as an interpreter and met a lot of people from Western Europe and North America. Dani received her training in Classic Massage, Acupressure, and Reflexology Massage in 2003 and has practiced ever since. In 2009 she returned to Bulgaria and trained in Honey Massage Therapy in the same training centre. Dani is also a licensed optician. She believes that the human body has the ability to heal itself and massage is one of the ways to bring it to balance and promote good health.


Dr Janine Fraser CH BSc ND

Dr. Fraser offers the following treatments 

Allergy Testing (food/airbourne)

Botanical Medicine

Biotherapeutic Drainage

BioLift - skin slackening & wrinkle treatment

Infrared Lamp Therapy


Lifestyle Counselling

Laboratory Testing

Naturopathic Manipulation

Nutritional Counselling

Neurotransmitter Testing

Saliva Hormone Testing

Ultrasound Therapy

Well Child Check-ups

Plus more

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